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Handy Tips

1. Tourist Visa

On entry to Turkey non resident citizens will be required to pay for a multiple entry visa that is valid for three months Cost varies from nationality to nationality, UK citizens are charged 10 pounds sterling, Northern Irish or Scottish starling currency is not accepted.

2. Health & Safety

Water: Local tap water is not advisable to drink due to the high mineral content, bottled water is readily available.

Electric: Voltage 220 v.

Swimming pools: Please supervise children at all times, no lifeguards are on duty, please not there is a “No Diving Policy”, in all our holiday units.

Please check the depth of the water before entering the pool.

Air conditioning units: Please note if the air conditioning units are left on at all times they do not work effectively, they should be turned off every three hours for at least 15 minutes.  Head aches and sore throats can be the result of over use.  Please note some holiday units will charge an extra fee for air conditioning usage.

Toilets: Please do not put toilet paper or sanitary towels down the toilet and use the bins provided science news.  The plumbing system in Turkey is not equipped to cope with such materials and these may course blockage and will result in a fine from the local council.

3. Holiday Insurance

Elite Rentals encourages and recommends that visitors should arrange appropriate medical insurance for the duration of their stay prior to their arrival.

4. Local Currency

Local currency is Turkish Lire, it does vary but it is wise to change the bulk of you currency whilst in Turkey due to the excellent competitive exchange rates.

5. Phone Codes

UK 0044
Ireland 0090
Please omit the UK or Ireland 0 of the area code when dialing from Turkey.

6. Time Difference

Turkey is GMT + 2 hours ahead of UK and Ireland.

7. Local Transport

Local transport is known as the Dolmus this is a privately run service which has proved to be very efficient and value for money rolex replica watches service, they operate from 07.15 hrs. Until midnight during the spring and Sumner months and service the town and surrounding areas.

8. Embassy Contact Details

Turkey, Izmir, British Consulate
1442 Sokak No 49
PK 300
Phone: (90) (232) 4635151
Fax: (90) (232) 4650858